blossom ideal

The 104 facet Blossom Cut Ideal Diamond is a new, unique & innovative fancy cut round diamond, which sets a new standard in diamond cutting artistry. The Blossom Cut Ideal is the result of painstaking research and development in our diamond cutting facilities.  We have worked closely with GGI & OGI Laboratories, two world leaders in diamond cut analysis and diamond grading, and they have set the precise parameters for this state of the art modern cut.  There is little doubt based on OGI Light Performance Analysis that the Blossom Cut Ideal is superior to other fancy cut round diamonds.  Based on 36 additional facets on the pavilion and 16 on the crown, the cut symmetry and proportion of the Blossom Cut Ideal is not read as a regular diamond. The breakdown of the chart below shows the parameters created to best explain this new cut for the next generation of diamonds.

unique cutting pattern

The ultimate endorsement for our cut is having these two independent renowned laboratories raise the bar in diamond reporting and light analysis for Fire, Brilliance & Scintiliation for a diamond, along with the full diamond report from GGI.

blossom ideal info



final parameters

Sample of lab tested Blossom diamond

report p1