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Simply the most brilliant diamond in its class

Ideal proportions are not enough for our Blossom Cut. Our unique 104 faceted diamond has taken artistry and science to create one of the best cuts the world has seen in the last 200 years. While some 100+ faceted diamonds are simply facets added to a regular diamond. Blossom is conceived from a diamond’s rough state, to create more brilliance, fire & scintillation.

The Blossoming flower effect seen from the top view of the diamond is simply stunning and has experts in awe of the workmanship… a new world class benchmark.

There is only one Blossom

There is only one that produces the ideal light performance & mystical effect of a blossoming flower. Our innovative unique 104 facet, sets a new standard for light refraction for diamonds. Its the perfect number of facets allowing the flow of light to create a magnificent fire & scintillating brilliance, unmatched in its class.

cutting pattern

Unique Cutting Pattern To Create Incredible Light Flow